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Interface ReservedDomainUpdate


  • ReservedDomainUpdate



Optional certificateId

certificateId: string

ID of a user-uploaded TLS certificate to use for connections to targeting this domain. Optional, mutually exclusive with certificate_management_policy.

Optional certificateManagementPolicy

certificateManagementPolicy: ReservedDomainCertPolicy

configuration for automatic management of TLS certificates for this domain, or null if automatic management is disabled. Optional, mutually exclusive with certificate_id.

Optional description

description: string

human-readable description of what this reserved domain will be used for

Optional httpEndpointConfigurationId

httpEndpointConfigurationId: string

ID of an endpoint configuration of type http that will be used to handle inbound http traffic to this domain

Optional httpsEndpointConfigurationId

httpsEndpointConfigurationId: string

ID of an endpoint configuration of type https that will be used to handle inbound https traffic to this domain


id: string

Optional metadata

metadata: string

arbitrary user-defined machine-readable data of this reserved domain. Optional, max 4096 bytes.

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